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Edward Cronenweth: Candid, Still and Cheesecake Photographer

Not much could be found on this photography artist but, as usual, I'll keep digging and add things as I find them.

Cronenweth was born on March 20th 1903 in Pennsylvania.

He worked as uncredited still photographer on such films as,  "The Gorgeous Hussy,"  "The Lady From Shanghai," and "Ensign Pulver."

He took photographs of Rita Hayworth, Joan Crawford, Glenn Ford, Lucille Ball, William Holden, Robert Stack, Gia Scala, and Cliff Robertson.

Corbis mentions this as being on the back of one of Cronenweth's photos:

Original caption:4/14/1941-Hollywood, CA: The "still photographer" comes to his own in Hollywood. He is the unsung cameraman who makes the pictures that are used for display and publicity purposes. In the still photo show of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Ed Cronenweth came out with first prize for his action still of Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney.  (Seen Below).

He is well-known for his photograhs taken during the filming of "The Lady From Shanghai" including the photos of Hayworth and Orson Welles against a backdrop of mirrors.  His photos were also used for publicity for the movie poster and other items for the film as well.

Died June 26, 1990 at age 87 in Los Angeles, California. 

Here is an example of his work:

Cliff Robertson

Joan Crawford
Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland
Ann Miller

Cleo Moore

Jinx Falkenberg

Lucille Ball

Myrna Loy

Candids of Marilyn Monroe
The many photos of Hayworth taken during the making of "The Lady From Shanghai."


This one shows the Cronenworth taking a shot of Rita.
The famous 'mirror' pix.

Other pix of Hayworth with the fabulous dress:

The posters that the photos prompted:

Two examples of his stamps.

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